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Fix Gel, Aquarium, Celebration – Mystic BIO Chunky Glitter, 3g

Fix Gel, Aquarium, Celebration - Mystic BIO Chunky Glitter, 3g

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SKU: G29192

Available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, Moon Glitter is made up of small cuts of cosmetic glitter which will add a sparkle to any occasion. Our glitter is perfectly safe to apply to the face, hair and body and can be removed easily using just water. So whether you are going on a night out, or to a festival, be prepared to shimmer the night away! To apply the glitter, we recommend using Moon Glitters Fixing Gel, Lip Glue, Hair Glue and Nail Glue for the best results. What makes Moon Glitter Bio Glitter so special? Cosmetic Bio glitter replaces the polyester plastic film used in traditional cosmetic glitter with a very special form of cellulose extracted from hardwoods, primarily eucalyptus sourced from responsibly managed and certified plantations operating to PEFC™ standards. Completely unique, Bio glitter, is the only glitter available on the market which is now PROVEN to biodegrade into harmless substances in the natural environment. Cosmetic Bio glitter feels much more comfortable on the skin and less irritable when worn in the hair compared with polyester glitter. Similar to comparing comfort different experienced between natural and man-made fabrics, Bioglitter® being made from naturally derived materials is physically softer than polyester glitter and provides an improved, more comfortable experience for consumer. In recent blind testing, over 80% of people preferred the silky feel of Bio glitter. In addition Bio glitter is precision cut to ensure a smooth clean edge, even further enhancing the user experience. Cosmetic Bio glitter is safe for use on the face and body, and suitable for other every day uses such as arts and crafts. Cosmetic Bio glitter is independently tested by OWS to ISO14851 Fresh Water Biodegradability and proven to biodegrade in the natural environment. It is also COMPOST Home certified. Globally cosmetic compliant including EC regulation 1223/2009, FDA Title 21 and Health Canada Cosmetic Regulations.



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