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Midnight Black – Terror Fine Glitter Shaker, 5g

Midnight Black - Terror Fine Glitter Shaker, 5g

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SKU: T08517

Available in 6 spooky colours, Moon Terror glitter shakers are made up of small cuts of cosmetic glitter which will add a sparkle to your halloween look. Our glitter is perfectly safe to apply to the face, hair and body and can be removed easily using just water. Lets face it, halloween is the biggest excuses to dress up and party in the year! Use Moon Terror Glitter to transform yourself into any creature or being. To apply the glitter, we recommend using Moon Glitters Fixing Gel, Lip Glue, Hair Glue and Nail Glue for the best results. Either pre-mix glitter with these products, or apply on top after applying fixatives/glues to the desired area.



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